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Absolute Process Solutions (APS) carries out evidence-based service programmes for the sanitary food-processing industry, offers process solutions, is a component supplier for most types of equipment within the sanitary food-processing industries and supplies spare parts for a wide range of processing equipment

Food-processing industry requirements now exert greater demands on consultants, process designers, component suppliers, and maintenance engineers to have an understanding of all facets of the business.

  • Extensively experienced within the New Zealand Food Industry – 50+ years
  • Knowledgeable – providing innovative process design
  • Well-known – for our unique evidence-based service programmes
  • Parts suppliers for equipment in sanitary food-processing plants
  • Responsive – within a few hours
  • Reliable
  • Service plant machinery on site with specific evidence-based programmes
  • Provide knowledgeable spare part supply
  • Work all over New Zealand
  • Save you time, wastage, stress, and money
  • Have unmatched expertise
  • Have qualified people available for emergencies
  • Offer good value for a fair and honest price
  • Deliver peace of mind


Open: Monday to Friday, 7am to 5pm, but available 24/7 for emergencies.
We operate New Zealand wide, and respond quickly to all queries.


APS opened as an independent consultancy and parts supplier to the sanitary food-processing industry in February 2019, after industry expert, Tony Schicker, stepped back from many years of employment within the food-processing industry to introduce evidence-based improvements to plant process systems and process design.

Tony has 50 years of experience within the Dairy and Food industries, in a variety of roles which make his skill-set unique in New Zealand. He has a Diploma in Dairy Science Technology from Massey University (1970) which included a strong Microbiology component. Microbiology allows him a process-overview largely excluded from modern digital process-management operator skill-sets…



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