When can I gain access?  
Access to your storage unit is 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 
Company phone number – 09 4383699
A.H Cell phone No. is 0274 817966.  
The land line will reach me when I am here and will transfer to my cell phone when I am not.  Outside of that and in the event that I am out of range, please use the Enquiries form

How do I gain access? 
Each customer has their own individual security code which is used to open our computerised security gate. Simply drive up, punch in your code and use your padlock key to open your unit.

What about security? 
Dyer Street Storage is totally enclosed with powered security fencing on all boundaries and is monitored 24/7 by a professional security firm.  Security cameras monitor all exits and entries and additionally the operating system we subscribe to logs all entries/exits independently.  To ensure your peace of mind, padlocks and insurance are your own care. 

What about pests? 
All units are both vermin and damp proof. High quality seals surrounding all doors ensure both pests and weather are kept out, while ongoing pest control procedures are also undertaken externally. We recommend clients install internal controls separate to the controls the Company manages outside the Units.  Every endeavour is made to ensure the complex remains vermin and damp-free.

Payment options: 
The first month’s rent is paid in advance by cash, Eftpos, or cheque by arrangement, when an agreement to rent storage is entered. All subsequent storage is paid for monthly in advance by automatic payment, unless negotiated otherwise with management.  
Credit Card facilities are not available.

Hirer’s obligations on leaving:  
The shed must be left in the same clean and damage-free condition as it was on arrival. Cleaning charges will apply if the unit is left in an unsatisfactory condition as will any costs relating to damage.